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I’m Sylvia Spiro and I’m the founder of and photographer behind In the Imaginarium Photography.
While photography started as a hobby in my early twenties, I haven’t been without a camera from the moment I first picked one up. As with most passions, photography was first simply something fun to try; a way of documenting my travels and my time living overseas.
But the pastime became very personal, very quickly. I wasn’t just capturing cityscapes and tourists, I was capturing experiences, emotions and memories. And I soon realized I could not only photograph the world around me; I could also conjure up entirely new ones.
By 2012, it was clear that photography — and eventually, filmmaking — was more than a hobby and even more than a passion; it was my purpose. I decided to follow my dream, focus on photography and immerse myself fully in learning the craft — and I graduated with my BA in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara in 2015.
Photography is my personal expression — just as I hope it is for you, as the subject on the other side of my lens. Through our work together, we’ll capture what you’re feeling, we’ll envision new worlds, we’ll tell your stories.
We’ll make magic together.

Image courtesy of Neelu Eldurkar

Image courtesy of Dean DePhilippo

While not always rooted in realism, my photography is always classically romantic, elegant and colorful. Through extensive pre- and post-production work, I enhance everything from personal branding portraits to forest fantasy lands to create photos unlike anything else you’ve seen before.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, my photography is also highly influenced by my Czechoslavakian heritage: by the musical folklore, the fairytale forests, the colorful baroque buildings of old town Prague.
Whether we’re shooting fantasy portraits, family photos or headshots for your team — in the studio or somewhere else altogether — my work offers an ethereal experience beyond the usual rules and restrictions of the “real world”.
In the Imaginarium you’ll be transported into a world both familiar and brand-new; into an augmentation of your current reality and a magical experience of your own creation.
Our world could use a little bit more of that magic, don’t you think?
In The Imaginarium Photography
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